altro progetto network di professionisti operanti nel campo architettonico ed ingegneristico
Brochure scaricabile Progetti di strutture

Da oggi è disponibile online la brochure dedicata ai Progetti di Strutture disponibile per tutti gli interessati.

3 Responses to “Brochure scaricabile Progetti di strutture”

  1. arianna says:

    Ho trovato ineterssanti le vostre relazioni sulla vulnerabilità sismica, dovendo redigerne una, e sono ineteressata a visionarne altre.

  2. Venturino says:

    Contattaci sulla mail e ci organizziamo.
    A presto

  3. Rigoberto says:

    Hi Carna,Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’re viitarbng clarity about this. In terms of how to reach more potential clients who do not know what EFT is , I would agree with EFT founder Gary Craig. Grow the number of people who see you as a resource in your chosen area: in your case, people who are dealing the emotional after effects of having missing or unavailable parents. As more and more people who want help with this start to trust you, they will ask for help clearing these issues. Then you teach then EFT.That’s exactly what Gary Craig recommend and it’s worked beautifully for me. I focus on being the best resource I know how for spiritual people wanting to grow a helping business (coaching, therapy, EFT practitioner, etc). With 95% of my clients, we run into mindset issues. Then, if they don’t already know it, I teach them EFT. My business grew 61% last year and I turned a whole bunch of people onto EFT. You might notice that the words EFT are nowhere on my homepage ..Big hug Carna!